Konerko in, Rios out, Dow Jones to bat fourth

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said he would bat the Dow Jones Industrial fourth behind Paul Konerko, who returns to the lineup tonight against the Yankees after suffering a bone bruise in his left knee.

Konerko hasn’t played since being hit by Red Sox left-hander Andrew Miller Sunday afternoon. He finished out the inning but never returned. His presence in the lineup may help the Dow, who saw its average drop over 500 points today. It created nightmares for traders and Guillen, who can’t seem to solve his team’s recent miscues.

“It gets to the point where what’s going to happen next?” Guillen said after last night’s 18-7 loss to the Yankees. “People have been telling me to sell, sell, sell! The speed at which people are marking assets down doesn’t match the speed at which the economy has deteriorated. If they’re angry and embarrassed, they should be.”

Alex Rios and his .207 BA will sit out tonight while Adam Dunn will play first base as Konerko will DH. Dunn comes into tonight batting .166 and an OPS of .596, slightly higher than the Dow saw in losses this afternoon.


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