Campana, Car-Bombs and Bear necessities

If you’re still booing new-Blackhawk Daniel Carcillo, now might be a good time for that to end.

Carcillo was introduced to the media on Monday during a press conference and wasted no time getting a shot in at the Vancouver Canucks, the most recent rival of late.

“I watched that [playoff] series and certain guys that don’t play the way they usually play can get away with it in the playoffs because there is no fighting in the playoffs,” Carcillo said. “There is a few guys that played outside their shoes. I think I can keep most of those guys in check when we play them this year.”

Car-bomb. Boom.

The season hasn’t even begun and but it already sounds like the Hawks are off to an exploding start. Except for Carcillo for the first two games. He’ll miss those games due to a suspension he earned for an incident during the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs while playing for the Philadelphia Flyers.

But already, you got to love this guy. And expect more of that stuff on the ice this season.

Speaking of guys to love, how about Tony Campana? 

If his inside-the-park homer on Friday didn’t impress, his take-out slide into second base on Sunday was worthy enough.

His soccer tackle-like slide got the Cubs faithful roaring and Campana’s teammates showed their praise in the dugout with a multitude of high fives and support.

The Cubs’ seven-game win streak may have ended that day but Campana’s heart didn’t. If he keeps this play going, I’m certain he’ll be playing everyday at some point in the future.

I believe the Cubs have found their leadoff hitter. Whether putting one down the line or through the first base side, or even bunting his way on, his speed alone creates quite a run-scoring factor at the top of the order. When you add his base stealing ability, the Cubs have an equation much like the Marlins did with Juan Pierre in 2003.

His arm isn’t the best in the outfield and he doesn’t bring a Gold Glove either, but his spirit and uncanny speed can alter games. I’m sure with a little more time and practice, those outfield abilities can be fixed. If I’m the Cubs, that’s a priority.

What’s not a priority is the Bears changing their playing surface to turf. That’s what chairman George McCaskey keeps hinting.

McCaskey considers safety being the number one concern for the players and when it comes to playing surface, natural grass suffices. Some Bears players have spoken out in favor of the grass while others would love to see the Bears go to turf – which seems to be a favorite around town.

Not a favorite? The Park District, which recommended the surface change in the Spring of 2010.

If you really, really want to point the finger, point it momentarily at the Park District but ultimately point in the direction of the Bears front office. It’s the Park District’s problem for it being unplayable. However, look what the Bears are giving the Park District to deal with. The catch-22 to that is none of the Bears players are unison to throw the grass away.

And the Bears are too stubborn to make any drastic changes. Look how long it took to get a quarterback. The team never wants to admit that it has gone the wrong way or made the wrong decision.

And if you’re still booing Jay Cutler…


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