Seriously, a caddy/golfer feud?

The unfortunate fact that we’re even talking about a feud between a golfer and a caddy, let alone it being Tiger Woods and Steve Williams, is completely and utterly insane and it goes to show you where sports journalism is at these days.

I won’t waste much time. I’m sure you’ve heard the story. Woods fired Williams. In turn he became Adam Scott’s caddy and earned $140,000 (10 percent of Scott’s winnings) at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational this Sunday when Scott won the event.

Reporters than asked Williams his thoughts on everything and responded harshly toward Woods.

Now… this story is out of control.

First of all – we forget Scott won the event. But if Scott had a name like Woods, this could have been avoided – hence why it’s big.

Insert Roy McAvoy’s 12. Nobody remembers who won that tournament.

Secondly, this story is media induced. While I understand the proximity and the human interest of this story – and for a moment it is somewhat compelling for Williams – as I said previously, we’re talking about a feud between a golfer and a caddy. I’m even surprised I’m writing about it. It would be a non-story if it wasn’t involving Tiger Woods.

And while Williams did go over the top and owned up to it today, give Williams credit for just answering questions. Granted, he could have said nothing or “no comment” and let the whole ordeal slide, he didn’t. Let’s not let Williams off the hook for saying he won tournaments but remember he’s a caddy, not the golfer.

Was he wrong in commenting on the situation? No. But are some journalists on the golf beat looking for some dramatic flare this year because golf’s been boring? Yes.

And that’s what golf is supposed to be, boring. I like watching it. But it’s supposed to be boring. So let’s keep the essence of golf alive and stop talking about a Days of Our Lives sketch with Williams and Woods.

Might I just add to this circus that the only Steve Williams we should ever be talking about is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Only devout fans of the beer drinking S.O.B former wrestler would know Austin’s real name used to be Steve Williams.

And that’s the bottom line.


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