Fastest Five

Five hot topics. Five hot answers. Here’s the Fastest Five from the Five Cents.

1. When the Bears do get a win without Jay Cutler, teams and fans are going to feel the way the Bears and their fans felt after a 10-3 loss to Kansas City yesterday at Soldier Field.

They’ll say, “how could such a bad offense beat us?”

In a game where the Bears lost Matt Forte to an MCL sprain that should keep him out for a couple of weeks, Kansas City was that anemic team — just a little bit better than the Bears Sunday — who capitalized on Caleb Hanie’s abilities and a fluke Hail Mary at the end of the first half.

Hanie was constantly blitz and the Bears offense couldn’t find the end zone, nor the field I believe.

Meanwhile, Matt Forte’s MCL sprain left yet another gaping hole in the Bears offense. And while the defense did a superb job on such a powerhouse offense (sarcasm), Peppers, Urlacher, Briggs, nobody came up with no turnovers and Devin Hester looked scared trying to return kicks. What it equals? A disappointing loss, one that made you shook your head worse than the Bears loss in the NFC championship game.

Wait, that was a game playing at Soldier Field on Sunday, right?

Hang in there, Bears fans, hang in there. Brass looks stubborn about adding anyone to help the team down the stretch so this might be it.

Brett Favre’s name has come up (that’s an ESPN created rumor and shame on them, he’s retired) and we all know the Bears aren’t interested in Donovan McNabb. Or at least Hester. Lovie Smith keeps reiterating this is the team they’re going with and if the front office agrees, we’re either going to need some magic or help from other teams.

Bears need to stop the stubbornness!

Meaning — hope for other teams to lose. Of the teams battling the Bears in the playoff race, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit and the New York Giants all lost yesterday. The playoff picture didn’t budge at all.

Thank you Arizona, Green Bay, Houston and New Orleans.

So good news after all? Still, not quite. We got Tebow next.

But you could be Kyle Orton’s finger.

2. My Twitter page was hot with criticism toward Roy Williams for that drop near the goal line late in the fourth quarter.

Hanie was on the verge of tying the game on the best drive he had in him all game when Williams had a pass go off his fingertips and Kansas City intercepted at the goal line.

If I were Lovie Smith or Jerry Angelo, I’d cut Williams right now. No wonder why Dallas did. Williams dropped his most valuable pass as a Bear but we knew when the Bears signed him he was not only the drop fairy, but the drop God. So odds were he was going to drop that possible touchdown pass anyway.

By the way, that’s why a lot of people think Roy’s a bum, if you didn’t know that by now.

Someone should ask Williams why he continually drops balls throughout his career. He’s a receiver who can’t catch. How’s that possible? Ask him that question, please, somebody!!!

Jerry Angelo, please drop Williams like he drops passes.

3. Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols? That’s $200 million-plus question on the North Side and it’s an answer nobody has right now. We keep hearing about Pujols’ age and Fielder’s health but both are coming with a steep price without any destination just yet.

Last week the Cubs put themselves in the running for Albert.

What I don’t understand based on Theo Epstein’s thought on players in their prime, Fielder, who’s 27, would fit that description perfectly compared to Pujols.

Epstein/Jed Hoyer made his first move last week by adding right fielder David DeJesus and with all likelihood, DeJesus will be the Cubs starter there. He’s a solid Mark DeRosa-like player who should thrive quite nicely. What it means for Tyler Colvin? You know what it means.

It’s time for Theo to make move on his first baseman for two reasons: 1) there are no free agent class quite like this so if Theo wants to get a big gun now, the time is now. For the next few years, the free agent classes are down. The only way other than signing someone like Pujols or Fielder would be via trade. 2) Before someone else offers either first baseman an offer they can’t refuse. Miami?

St. Louis doesn’t appear to retain Pujols. If so, the Cardinals would have courted him by now. Milwaukee can’t afford what Fielder’s projected to make so the next move for either player would be to see what the Cubs can do for them.

Who should it be? The Cubs could use Fielder’s age and his left handed bat to extremes at Wrigley. Albert’s consistency and ability to draw walks and provide instant power is scary in any lineup. But he’s 31 going on 32.

Either way, the decision Theo makes will be a good one. As for me? Albert’s numbers are slowly declining but if Fielder gets out of shape and mirrors a certain left fielder on our team, I’ll hate him.

But we can win with Prince.

Ask me again tomorrow.

4. Same game, different story with the Bulls. I mentioned in Shooting Guard Slots that Aaron Afflalo is my top projected swingman free agent but since he’s a restricted free agent, Afflalo is going nowhere.

And with reports surfacing that Caron Butler wants to play in Chicago — he has a workout this week — if Butler seems at slightly near or around 100 percent and can shoot the ball as he did when he average 20 points per game, GM Gar Forman and John Paxson are going to take a chance.

It’s a cheaper chance rather than Jason Richardson, who will have to take a pay cut. Bulls might not be able to afford J Rich.

Brandon Roy is another interesting player if Portland uses their amnesty clause. But the question surrounding Roy is his knees, much like Butler.

If Roy projects to be fine, he’s a better fit than Butler. But if both are hurt and Afflalo is off the table, either Richardson has to take a pay cut or Jerry Reinsdorf has to go over his tax.

His White Sox are garbage now, I think it’s a move Reinsdorf can do. He can use Ozzie’s money.

5. It’s great to hear Ron Santo finally got into Cooperstown. The Cubs great, who passed away just a year and two days ago, was named to the Hall of Fame by the veteran’s committee Monday. Although it would have been better if Ronnie was around to hear the news, justice was finally served in a move that was long overdue.

Bittersweet to say the least, the burning question — even though he’s in and we should rejoice — is why didn’t this happen sooner? It’s absolutely ridiculous that Santo was elected after his death. Shame on the baseball writers and veteran’s committee for allowing this to happen this late.

Writers like Buster Olney shouldn’t have votes. MLB needs to reconsider who votes for the Hall of Fame.

Still, Ronnie’s in, and it’s where he belongs.

Much like Green Bay and their 12-0 record.

Much like LSU and Alabama in the SEC National Championship — well sort of.

Much like where Ndamukong Suh is right now — on the bench. No wait, suspended. Even better.

All where they belong.


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