Nichol(s) Slots: 2012 Outlook

From everyone here at the Five Cents — me, myself, and well, I — we wish you a Happy New Year!

As since this is the last Nichol(s) Slots and post on The Five Cents for 2011, I thought the perfect way to end 2011 would be to look into the Five Cent crystal ball — sounds cheap doesn’t it? — and predict all the happenings for 2012.

I see… 

1. A Patriots-Packers Super Bowl XLVI and Tom Brady as the MVP in a shootout that thwarts the defending champion Packers.

2. The United Center’s two residents — the Blackhawks and Bulls — will both be their league’s respective champions.

–  Da Bulls will down the Heat and defeat Oklahoma City for the NBA championship.

–  The Hawks will win their second Stanley Cup in three years by defeating the Penguins in six.

3. My 2012 World Series champs: Angels. Pujols wins again.

4. The Pittsburgh Pirates will make the playoffs. That’s my BOLD prediction for 2012

4A. Chris Bosh will demand out of Miami after the Heat’s loss to Chicago, Dwight Howard will become a member of the Lakers.

4B. LSU will lose to Alabama in the BCS title game, thus creating havoc for a playoff system. Kentucky will win the Final Four. Tiger Woods will win a major. Barack Obama will not get re-elected as president and the world won’t end on 12-21-12, unfortunately for the Mayans.

5.  And after a long, grueling search, a kind news director will hire me to be their sports anchor/reporter.

Happy New Year and be safe!

– The Five Cents


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