Gimmie Five: Superman to the Bulls?

If indeed Dwight Howard is NBA’s Superman, what would Derrick Rose be if they played on the same team?

Batman? The Incredible Hulk? The Green Lantern?

It’s a question to ponder if the Bulls trade for the all-star center, but the answer to that question really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the move for the five-time all-star cements the Bulls chances of beating the Heat and if it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

It’d be quite crazy for Bulls general manager Gar Forman and Vice President John Paxson to not look into a deal for the freakishly-talented, gifted center. The rumors are swirling, the players are talking and Howard is available.

It seems about right Gar and Pax look into it.

And about time Howard finally considered Chicago.

The three-time defensive player of the year would be a force down low for the Bulls — no question about it — and he would give Rose a go-to guy down low he could depend on. What a combo offensively that would be.

From a defensive matter, the Bulls would still lead the league in rebounding and would become a leader in blocked shots.

The only down side is that the Bulls free throw shooting would probably sink about 20-30 percent.

But the deal would have to be right.

If let’s say the Magic wanted to swap Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer, that’s a trade that must be done. However, it’d be contingent on Howard signing an extension with the Bulls. If he wants to test free agent waters, you don’t unload Noah or anybody else. Insure that Howard is in it for the long haul, including those Chicago winters.

If Luol Deng has to be in the mix, or Taj Gibson for that matter, the Bulls might be better off without Howard. And expect the Magic to ask for everything, including Brian Urlacher.

Losing some depth wouldn’t hurt the Bulls, and there’s no secret the Bulls have it to make this deal. With Omer Asik, Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic waiting in the wings out in Spain, if Gar and Pax had to make a trade, one of those players would be able to pick up the slack.

Gibson would be the favorite to replace Boozer at starting power forward — but when is he not?

And to sidetrack for one moment: there’s been talk that once Mirotic is ready to come overseas, the Bulls might have to amnesty one of their two big men — Noah or Boozer — and logically with the money owed and the miles put on, Boozer would be the man. If that scenario held true in the coming years, why not part ways with one of them now and speed up the process?

All of this also is contingent on Paxson shedding his fancy with holding onto players he has either signed or signed off for Gar Forman to sign. We know for all these years Pax has been into power, he never wants to let go of a player or blueprint he’s created. It would be puzzling if he kept that same attitude and prevented himself from collecting what would be the best big man in Chicago history, let alone one of the best of all-time.

History tells us, though, Paxson’s trigger malfunctions a bit in the managerial role.

Pax had the opportunity to land Kobe Bryant back in 2007 — which would have included a package with the likes of Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Andres Nocioni and several others in a trade that included several teams. Reportedly, Kobe was on the cusp of being a Bull.

To this day, some say that was a trade that should have been made and Paxson dropped the ball on it and Pau Gasol would have ended up in Chicago somehow, too.

Hindsight tells us it was a great trade not made because Deng has been a vital piece in the past few seasons for the Bulls, and Chicago wouldn’t have had the draft pick to select Rose No. 1 overall.

So I guess it’s pick your poison on that one.

Whatever scenario arrives at Forman and Paxson’s desks, it will be one hard to ignore and if they do indeed go forward with it, they’ll have to part ways with a Bulls fixture (Noah) on Madison street we’re used to.

But don’t think for one second they just might want to win with a team that’s so close to a championship. They’re not that stupid, either. They have a specific mold and it looks like they might not want to disturb it too much.

When the Bulls got heavy criticism during the lockout for not having another player to team up with Rose, let alone a shooter who could take the load off of him, they countered with Richard Hamilton, a guy who wasn’t a Jamal Crawford-like player who would chuck up 20-30 shots a game. They wanted a guard to help their defense, draw double teams and not ruining the mold they already have. Hamilton was added to it and they only had to lose Keith Bogans for him.

Whatever is to come in the passing weeks, we’ll know if the Bulls are major players. Derrick Rose wants him. Dwight Howard wants to play with Rose — God willing.

If the move is made, and made right — or not made at all, you can bet management will put the Bulls in the best position to win.

But I would be disappointed if there was a perfect deal in place to get Howard and it not be made.


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