The “new” Five Cents

Besides a new segment called “Common Cents” that will debut very soon, here are some of the changes you’re going to see at the Five Cents this Autumn.

THE MINT — In one of my posts not too long ago, I alluded to the idea that there were wholesale changes coming to this website. That picture is finally taking shape and I’d like to share it with you.

One of those changes will be the website’s domain change. In the next few weeks, barring any sort of unbelievable amount of coincidence or failure to action, will turn over to However, you’ll still be able to access the site if you type in Don’t worry, the site’s name will still be called The Five Cents, but the domain name change seems to be a better fit plus a much-needed cosmetic change.

As for some of the other changes… new templates might be experimented with to get live scores in real-time, as well as links to news stories in a separate feed/widget. And each day will promote a different conversation for a specific sport unless breaking news changes it all. Here’s the schedule for the upcoming weeks, which is subject to change this winter or at any point in time:

Mondays — “The 5 on 4” will feature news around the NHL
Tuesdays — “The Fifth Down” will recap the past NFL weekend, including MNF
Wednesdays — “The Fifth Inning” will cover the bases in MLB until the end of the World Series
Thursdays — “Five-on-Five” will dunk on anything to do in the NBA
Friday, Saturday and Sundays (or any day I feel like) — Features one of the following columns:

— Nichol(s) Slots

— Fastest Five

— The Fifth’s Dimension

— Common Cents

— Chalk Talk

— The Five-Point Inspection

— Five of a Kind

— Double Nichols

— Take Five

— Five’s Golden Rings of the Week

— 5th Avenue

— Gimmie Five

— Five-Below

— The Fifth Element

— The Fifth’s Amendments

— Quintessentials

— The High Five, the Low Five and On The Side

— Five Cent Tollway

— Nichols Nuggets

— Nichols and Dimes

It’s a work-in-progress so bear with me if you can. If you sign up through email alerts you’ll be the first to know when I’ve published an article. If you’re connected with me via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll see a link published in your feed right away as soon as I’ve published something. The goal is to revamp the site and get more people involved on here talking sports, giving the absolute best coverage there is and shying people away from ESPN, the Bleacher Report and other fan sites. Any suggestions are welcome and I hope to see you back soon!

– SN 



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