Five Cents’ “by the Horns” Bulls talk

Here’s five things that’s all Bull, as I grab some issues by the horns in the latest Bulls talk. You’ll love the picture I have of Derrick Rose to go with title as well.

THE MINT — Ain’t that picture sweet, or what? Kudos to whoever garnered that snapshot. Rose has horns coming out the sides of his head. Great positioning.

Amnesty Boozer: This is an old topic. But how many of you would love to hear this from Bulls P.A. announcer Tommy Edwards during the intro of the starting lineups?

“Annnnnnnd now, Carlos Boozer has been amnestied!” 

The question though, is when? The Bulls will need cap space sooner or later and they’ll have to make room for Nikola Mirotic in the next two years. Boozer will undoubtedly be gone when that move happens, and I can’t wait till it’s done because he barks better from the bench than he can rebound. Six points and as many rebounds against Dallas? Michael Jordan would be embarrassed by those numbers. And Boozer makes how much? Someone who makes $15 million a year doesn’t deserve it with numbers as such. Let me know when you think he needs the ax in the poll below.

Bench does a Bench Mob: Was I crazy to think that this year’s bench could be better than the Bench Mob group from last year? May be I was. And may be I still am. And while the season’s still fresh and their identity still remains a mystery, look at the bench’s second quarter in the win against the Mavs as a possible tipping point. All five reserves, Marco Belinelli, Nate Robinson, Nazr Mohammed, Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler were on the floor during a 5:30 span when the Bulls marooned the lead from six to 18 as Robinson finished with 14 points and six assists, Jimmy Butler added 13, Belinelli had 11, including two 3-pointers and Gibson went for 8 points and as many rebounds as the bench scored 50 of the teams 101 points. That’s opposed to the bench’s 10 from Monday night when the Bulls blew a 27-point lead in a loss to the Bucks. Give the bench more time and you’ll see that this team is much better than you think.

Thibs fibs: 98 percent of the time Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau goes with the idea ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it lineup’ in the fourth quarter. Meaning — Boozer and Richard Hamilton stay off the court. While Boozer on the bench is fine, I never understood not having Hamilton out there. While I was happy to see Hamilton out there during their loss to Milwaukee, just when you think I’m going to yell at Thibodeau for keeping the hot group in for an extended period — I can’t.  When he finally does the opposite and puts in Hamilton and Boozer, somehow, in bizarro world, it finds a way to not work. Actually, I’m more pissed Boozer couldn’t get a rebound from Ersan Ilyasova, let alone the team blowing a 27-point third quarter lead. Thankfully, I was having a beer with Craig Janowiak at the time and we eased our suffering with wings and cigars.

Does anybody remember the Bulls starting out 10-8 two years ago?: Yep. And that was with Derrick Rose.

Bye bye Deerfield, Berto: The Bulls are slated to move into a new practice facility right across from the United Center for the 2014-2015 season. It’s located on the site where Parking Lot J currently resides, on Wood Street between Madison and Monroe. The Bulls are paying out of pocket for the facility and Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he coined the idea. Now if the Cubs can re-name Wrigley after Rahm, may be they’ll finally get their funding for their renovation. Nice to have high people and high places or whatever that damn phrase is.

Sixth man: Have you seen the uniforms for Christmas Day? The Bulls get a re-design against Houston at the United Center that night, but all we really want  for Christmas is a healthy Derrick Rose. Click here to see the uniforms.


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